Poem / Poetry – Duet With Fortyoneteen – “Unique Pearls”

Ladies and gentlemen, hello to you my dearest friends.

I have yet another poetry duet partner to showcase with you all.

This time round, may I present to you the lovely Fortyoneteen, who has teamed up with me to construct another poetic gem.

We were inspired to write this one surrounding the nature of names and the deeper meanings that they represent to people.

Fortyoneteen writes sweet little stories and poetry on her blog – if you’re not already following her then I forgive you (I’m a reasonable guy, even before I’ve had a donut….barely) but go take a look now, I’m sure you will like what you see:-


So, you know the drill, you want your poetry fill? Then scroll down below and hope you get a thrill!


(Not that kind – didn’t your Mother tell you not to stick your fingers into plug sockets?)Unique Pearls

Unique Pearls (by TooFullToWrite & Fortyoneteen)

Names can unite and bond us
Cross seas and scale mountains
Fragile with deeper undertones
Some suggest sin, others unknowns

Names can elude and confuse us
Can sit out of reach within
Tongue tips, beyond lips we pursue
Find me, at one time you knew

Names can evoke a time and place
Mystery, intrigue, sensual embrace
Opening doors to social mores
Keys to a enchanting civilisation

Names grow within you, and on you
Binding us to the who
All you keep, as you lay bare asleep
Gifts we share with all those we meet

Names can invoke the sun, stars and moon
Light, the dark, the ocean, precious stones
Full of spice, fire, desire and passion
So many different meanings to each person

Yours will never pale from my heartfelt firm
I know you, and I know you by no other
Written careful, on the whisper of exhale
That is all that a name can be

Help Hastywords to celebrate her blogging anniversary – let’s keep the duets coming!


Got a hankering for a duet with me? Then comment, comment, comment away!


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