Steal your face… Part 7…by Pouring My Art Out (PMAO)

Wow – check out my six pack/package, I look good! I feel like Castor Troy all of a sudden!

Pouring My Art Out

I have raided another blog, stolen a picture, and proceeded to Photoshop the heck out of it. I like the challenge of using only one picture, and that was all I could find. Now this one I feel weird about. Because I am not actually following this guy yet. I have been very busy, and I can barely read the blogs I am following. But I do pop over there now and then.

Meet my friend;

a 1

He writes a lot of poetry and other stuff. But he is very vague about the details of his life. Or else I just haven’t found that part of his blog yet. What I do know is that he lives in England. And what else do you really need to know?

My first impulse on seeing that hat was to go straight for Indian Jones…

a 1 aOkay, I know that is the Lego one…

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5 thoughts on “Steal your face… Part 7…by Pouring My Art Out (PMAO)

  1. Ha ha, I like the Indiana version of you, must make it hard to shove doghnuts in your face with those non bendable arms though! I’ve heard of whipping cream but that is going too far my friend!

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