A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Burden Of Truth”

Howdy ladyfolk and menfolk.

I’ve been busy again with my new partner in crime (please take a bow A Shade of Pen you are very talented and provide spectacular inspiration) and have cooked up another poetry collaboration – ain’t that the truth – double true!

We turned to the WordPress vaults and plucked out this particular prompt:-

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare by Michelle W. on on January 3, 2014.

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRUTH.

I think that honesty is the best policy when discussing Life Insurance but not if I ask you if these pants make me look fat – of course they don’t, I have a beautiful tush, make no mistake about it.

Enjoy the poem – and stop staring at my bottom, my eyes are up here! Sheesh!

Comments are welcome, even if they are to take the mickey out of me because I can handle the truth! (I can’t. Please be gentle.)

Friendship, Love & Truth - Wikimedia Commons

The Burden Of Truth (by TooFullToWrite & A Shade of Pen)

A little lost in my thoughts
I wander lonely in these forlorn streets
Aimlessly I stroll, unaware of where I head
And on and on I march ahead

I buy an ice cream from a vendor
Pet a shaggy dog and stroke his paw
Ask a friend if they will give me a quick hug
But the weight on my shoulders won’t budge

What is so amiss, I do not know
Why my eyes seem to have missed the show
Although, I try hard to feel happy vibes
They are submerged, drowning, deep inside

The sun has now set from East to the West
This burden that I carry begins to weigh less
Stars, they sparkle, twinkle, glisten in the night
A tune plays out, piano lines of pure light

Somehow, the music cleanses, I start to heal
Broken heart strings ping, as I begin to feel
Will I ever find my true calling again?
Can I be the one to right my own wrongs?

Is the truth really such a dirty word?
When love is whispered but not returned
I’d rather live a thousand days alone
Than let fear be my master for just one

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10 thoughts on “A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Burden Of Truth”

  1. Thank you for mention.
    I love your poem…
    Especially this line…
    “I’d rather live a thousand days alone
    Than let fear be my master for just one”

    • You’re welcome Sofia. Thank you for reading our poem, I always am so happy when people single out specific lines that they like. It makes me very proud of my art and the people that I duet with because it wouldn’t have happened without their help and talent!

    • Thanks for the compliment Shruti – you are the star though, I couldn’t do it without you, your words were very inspirational! And I’m really happy that you like my humour – at least I now know that at least someone does 🙂

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