Comedy Haikus in the style of Danny Dyer Reflective Haikus

Hello folks.

I think it’s time for a comedy interlude.

Firstly, a quick explanation as to the prompt that inspired these – check out the video below:-

If any of you know me well (hello Mother, is it time for tea?), comedy and haikus are some of my favourite things in the world and once I start writing them, I find it difficult to stop cranking them out.

I saw this video and decided to write some more haikus as if the legendary Mr Dyer was reading them himself.

Hope they amuse and entertain you as much as they did me – game on!

Wind blows through the trees
It’s smell intoxicating
Wait, did you trump? Ugh!

Birds singing all day
Some melodious chirping
Shot them, got headache

Ocean breeze salty
Oops! Dropped paddles in water
Up sh*t creek, aren’t I?

Sun shines on my face
It warms then illuminates
Now I’m bloody blind

Society says
To love your friends and neighbours
Girl next door is fit

I remember when
All of this was just plain fields
I was proper bored

Butterfly wings beat
Like my heart, ferocious rate
Saw God in me pint

The moon late at night
Shines light on my soul although
Looks like builder’s bum

Wind whistles softly
Breeze begins to pick up speed
Knuckle sandwiches

All of us are kids
Life is just one big playground
Stop stealing my sweets

A pretty rainbow
All these colours in my mind
Too many bad pints


8 thoughts on “Comedy Haikus in the style of Danny Dyer Reflective Haikus

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