A Poetic Duet With A Shade Of Pen – “The Insatiable Saga Of Love”

Hello my dearest friends.

I’ve been working with A Shade Of Pen again and we have been inspired to write another poem together.

A Shade Of Pen – check out her amazing blog here.

This time, she started off the collaboration, which is unusual, as I am the one that usually starts these things, so it makes a refreshing change for me this time round.

This is our third collaboration together and like all of my duets, they are so much fun! (As much fun without getting drunk and rolling down a hill wrapped in bacon of course. You don’t get it? I guess you had to be there)

We would appreciate your comments, so please let us know if you liked it.

Let the wordplay commence!

Bad Muskau by Frank Vincentz - Wikimedia Commons

“The Insatiable Saga Of Love” by A Shade Of Pen & TooFullToWrite

As she finally let it go
She felt a huge pain eased
As beautiful as love truly is
Oh, how badly heartbreak scars

The love that they once shared
Was fragile at first, sharp, unrefined
Quickly gaining passionate momentum
Becoming big enough to consume them

So bad it hurts
That sometimes it feels
Is it a curse to be so amorous?
Sensually, the heart pumps love

Rivers, ebbing, flowing
To their deepest, darkest point
Tragedy of uncertainty
Tormenting us to the very brink

I feel lost, in thoughts
Of you and me
Can we go back and sail
On the waters that speak
Of times most precious
Special to us both

When it’s the two of us
My mind just won’t sleep
When you’re gone
My world seems incomplete

Only you can wake
My sleeping soul
Too long I’ve waited
For you
Will the wait ever end?
Or do I give up and live my days
In a world of pain and pretend?

Want more? Blimey, you’re an insatiable lot! Well, how about the cream of the crop of some poems that I have enjoyed recently on a similar theme? Check them out below:-

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