Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mrs Hasty Words. She is an amazing poet, we have collaborated loads of times. She is also a loving wife, has a wonderfully supportive and adorable family and is one of the friendliest people I have had the pleasure to get in contact with. Please take a look at her blog and if you love poetry as much as I do, you should subscribe too. She writes loads of them and they are all terrific!



Today I am participating in Blog Tour Monday; so in a way my blog is an actual bloggy destination spot.  David Ellis at Too Full To Write asked me to be your tour guide today and before I finish this post I will be introducing another blogger who will continue Blog Tour Monday next week. Thank you David for thinking of me!

First thing is first though.  I am not exactly sure where this tour began but if you click here on the post David did last Monday he has listed a few previous bloggy destination spots that you might want to visit soon.  A few of the previous participants have been , Jo Nicel, Louise Swingler, Dr Steve Hollyman, Graeme Shimmin, Sara Jasmon, David Hartley, and Emma Yates Bradley.  Please support our fellow writers and visit their blogs.

Like most tours this one…

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