NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Who Are You Calling A Loon? Let Danny Dyer Teach You A Lesson (Parody)”

Fire in the hole!

Hello lovely people and welcome to Day 4 of NaPoWriMo.

Today, the theme in question for National Poetry Writing Month is based around the structure of a lune.

NaPoWriMo Day 4

(Hey, who are you calling a loon, punk? No dear fellow, I said lune, sounds like tune and is a poetic variant of the Japanese haiku).

A lune can take the form of either syllables or words and for this session, I have embraced the Jack Collum version and gone with words because to be frank, syllables are a pain in the glasshole.

Also, the thing is though, these lunes are even tinier than haikus, so I’m going to have to write a whole bunch of ’em to beef this bad boy up.

And what better way to beef them up than in the style of our resident hard man Danny Dyer – think of this as a sequel to that epic bunch of haikus that I wrote celebrating him in the past – here is the link in case you missed the ones that I wrote before:-

Comedy Haikus in the Style of Danny Dyer Reflective Haikus

So welcome to a Loony sequel of sorts – I give you our Reflective Hard Man in action and feel free to shower me with comments and give me a good schooling too!

“Who Are You Calling A Loon?
Let Danny Dyer Teach You A Lesson (Parody)”
by David Ellis

We learnt English
Why? Speak it already bruv
Burnt the dictionary

What about Maths?
Bloody algebra and confusing graphs
Count on fingers

Computers / Information Technology
Do I resemble a nerd?
No, jog on

There was History
Wars, famine, oppression and death
Watch news instead

I took Geography
Then they invented the Sat-Nav
Geography? Now Redundancy

Had Art Classes
Too young for nude women
We drew wangs

Attended Physical Education
Who invented cross country running?
I preferred smoking

Once did Music
Got triangle so strangled teacher
Wanted a guitar

In Chemistry Lessons
Bunsen burners work on anything
Bye bye evidence

Tried Business Studies
I don’t understand the economy
It’s your round

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21 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Who Are You Calling A Loon? Let Danny Dyer Teach You A Lesson (Parody)”

    • Thank you Janey – I’m glad that they come across in that way. I love they guy and my parody is purely in an affectionate way. I’d like to write with you again soon, if you have any ideas then let me know or if you’d like me to start something off again, just say the word 🙂

    • Hey there Trent – glad you found it funny, there is something about the word wang that makes me laugh every time I hear it – must be because of that comedy show Mitchell & Webb!

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