NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Social Accountability”

Hey there gals, guys and French fries (mmmmm crispy!)

We are now sitting pretty at Day Six (hold on to your hats) of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) and boy have I got a whopper for you all.

(Don’t be rude, there are women and children present. I know because I’m one of them. And not the one you are thinking of. At least last time checked. I’ll stop talking now.)

NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Hold on to your hats

However, instead of going with the website prompt, I pinched the prompt off of their FaceBook page, which says thusly:-

“Today’s Poetry Prompt: using iambic pentameter, five lines, write a poem about the role of social media in your life (whether positive or negative).”

I kind of went 50/50 with the prompt, in that although I didn’t write the poem focusing on five lines and iambic pentameter (that sounds painful, you want to get that checked out by a Doctor), I did decide to take a humorous swipe at Social Media.

So I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments in the section below – I’m very keen to hear your own take on Social Media, how you feel it has affected your life and what you like/dislike about it (after all, it can’t all be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, that’s for sure).

Social Media Share by Wikimedia Commons / Benjamin Reid

“Social Accountability” by David Ellis

Social media, you tricked us all good
An imposter as to what you have to offer
It all started out as just information
Sharing is caring you said
Now it’s all gunning for LOL’s
Funny accidents and amusing cat pictures

Late at night, we’re getting intimate
I’m losing sleep and I can’t stop
You chew me up and then you spit me out
An entertainment junkie can’t get enough

What celebrity do I look like this week?
Let’s fire up the Comparison Application
I got Channing Tatum of course
I can see the resemblance
Except my six pack is missing
Plus I’m not even American

FaceBook, Twitter, let me Instagram it
A memory for us to cherish
Though at the time I was drunk
Those people I was with, I don’t know their names
Also, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in seven States
And possibly nine countries

Let’s take another random quiz
Am I an animal, a book, a car?
A malevolent dictator, a faded superstar?
Perhaps a type of frog or an Indian raindance?
I’m slowly struggling with my identity
Last night I worked out what brand I would be
If I was a packet of frozen peas

No time to lament about things
Before the internet would be better left unsaid
The messages have gone viral as videos
Across flaming YouTube channels and Vimeo
Now there’s a price on your head

Guess there is nothing we can do
Except strap ourselves in for the ride
It’s all or nothing if you’re saying anything
So delete all your profiles
Or be prepared to suffer the consequences
Glorious or tragic
They’re all good for a laugh
Just don’t expect your lives to remain private
That kind of thing remains in the past

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13 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “Social Accountability”

  1. I’ve only just found the facebook page, I’m sad as I much prefer the prompt on FB today rather than the web one, but I’ve already written. I’m glad I’ve found it now. I enjoyed your poem,
    “A memory for us to cherish
    Though at the time I was drunk
    Those people I was with, I don’t know their names”
    this is so true, and reads humorously but is also just incredibly sad isn’t it?…

    • Hello Pooky 🙂 – glad you enjoyed my poem. Truth can be funny yet still contain infinite sadness, particularly when it highlights the flaws in human nature and how these foibles manifest themselves in everyday life. All we can do is shine a lonely light on them sometimes and see if we can improve or die trying!

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