Poem / Poetry – “Bare Your Heart”

Good evening to you one and all.

I have had a burning desire to write a poem tonight and you are the lucky recipient!

(Tell them what they’ve won, Bob. And keep your wandering hands out of my refrigerator, those pickled onions are mine, you snack fiend!)

You’ve won this motivational poem course, so tuck in brethren and hope you enjoy it!

English: Brick heart by Markus.Michalczyk

“Bare Your Heart” by David Ellis

Fill your days with joy
At every opportunity
Before it is too late

Dispense with envy
For it is your enemy
Stop living a life of hate

Pity the fools
That cannot embrace
The love that others give

When consumed by rage
Let it all fall away
Until nothing but peace remains

Do not fear of the unknown
Ignore it and press on
It should never hold you back

When dwelling in sadness
Take a moment to reminisce
Yet never let it control your fate

If you find yourself courting disgust
Be careful that you are not
Subjecting people to your own prejudice

Cherish compassion and truth
Then more people will respect you
To the point where you feel blessed

Surprise others often
Give them a sense of appreciation
Be the gift of light that shines deep into their lives

Friendship and courage
Employed throughout the ages
Passed on from Father and Mother
To sons and daughters
Virtues that stand the test of time

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