The Universe loves love

A wonderful poem by Dawn that captures a dreamy flow, all in the name of love, there are lots of romantic surprises in here, so enjoy 🙂


The Universe loves love
The Universe loves love
from Princess Aurora
dedicated to her Dear man, David Ellis

The universe loves love,
fairly drips with the stuff.
Courting birds,
and blooming flowers
and rutting bucks,
and private shady spots
to picnic with your sweetie.

Lead with your heart’s swell
and let love puddle out of you
spilling onto all friends
and fellow dear hearts,
suspending judgment
and assuming love intentions.

Practice the craft of love
we know as romance.
Love is presence
and patience,
a soft kiss on smiling lips,
and a gentle touch
on the arm.

Romance is walks in the woods
picking a wild flower bouquet.
It’s thoughtful surprises,
endearing nicknames,
and holding hands.

It’s candlelight
and moonlight
and firelight
and the sweeping sky color of the northern lights.

Fill your heart with another
until you feel it might burst.
Speak your love in words and touch
and thoughtfulness.

Make love a…

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