Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Payday”

Hello my dear friends.

While we are all twiddling our thumbs and waiting to get paid, I thought I would share a piece with you all that I wrote specifically celebrating this time-honored tradition.

The prompt that I used to write it was “Not Enough Funds”.

Feel free to comment or share with us any crazy things you have had to do to make ends meet until payday – we’re all dying to hear it!

Enjoy the piece and look out for another one coming out shortly.

Insufficient funds

Payday by David Ellis

“Check the jacket pocket.”

“I did, there’s nothing.”

“What about behind the back of the sofa? Find anything there?”

“I found an old After Eight mint, a shiny penny covered in fluff and a blue paperclip.”

Ralph rubbed his head with fevered anxiety and it made a rasping sound, sandpaper on a gritty chalkboard. Payday was still many days away and his credit rating was as solid as a sticky toffee pudding.

“It’s no good – we are going to have to hold up the corner shop down the road. Put on your mask Scott, hopefully we can be in, out and then put the kettle on.”

Scott squinted at Ralph for several seconds, beads of sweat playing out on his bald head, a symphony of raindrops that were showing no intention of slowing down.

“That’s not what Mum would have wanted Ralphie. Pops would also be spinning in his grave.” He snuffled, his warthog features belying a gentle kindness that still made you think of him wallowing in a trough every time the dinner bell rang.

Ralph scowled at him and pulled the cotton mask over his brother’s reluctant face. He wasn’t taking no for an answer, that was for sure.

Shoving Scott viciously out the door, they head towards the corner shop with grim determination. Ralph snarled at the shopkeeper.

“Empty the till and you don’t get hurt by my itchy trigger finger!” The bulge in Ralph’s pocket looked enormous but the shape was a bit odd. The shopkeeper folded his arms and started tittering uncontrollably.

“Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Ralph looked crestfallen. Scott took off his mask and started blubbing.

“We’re sorry mate, it’s just that it’s payday next week and it’s so hot, we could really do with a Cornetto ice cream!”

The shopkeeper smiled and handed them one each.

“I trust you’ll give me the money when you get paid next week fellas?”

They both grinned at him. “Next time, we’ll definitely make sure that the funds are on ice!”

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11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Payday”

  1. I received the Very Inspiring Blogger award today. Not to diminish it, but this is one of the fun little things about blogging. In turn, I nominate you. Having you share my link and reading your flash fiction has inspired me in many ways.
    So, tag, you’re it. BTW, I’m not enforcing the chaining part of this. Pay it forward it you’d like. Just wanted to say thanks!!

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