Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Fiddling While Rome Burns To A Different Tune”

Hello womenfolk and blokeyfolk.

I have a piece of Flash Fiction for you to tuck into.

It was inspired by the prompt of a Juke Box, which I swiftly turned into a story about a music box and it is a sad one too (but don’t let you put that off, especially if you like a bit of mystery and drama too).


Music Box

“Fiddling While Rome Burns To A Different Tune” by David Ellis

A dulcet ringing in my ears, rattling for attention. The tune’s fortune now tragically faded, a shadow of its former self, metallic, scratchy, a fly in a bottle trying to frantically smash its way out.

There was once an echo of such refinement and carefully composed elegance that heads would have turned instantly, a beat to cha cha and tango in time all night to, without hesitation or trepidation.

I would get entangled in it, immersed so deeply, losing myself to the steady, incessant, intoxicating rhythm, a perfect moment of blissful, aural serenity.

When the walls come crashing down though, there is little left to hold the flood back, it finds its way into all of the nooks and crannies, permeating everything that stand in its wake.

Sound, like taste and smell, can evoke powerful memories of the past, building bridges and making connections that often would better remain buried at the crossroads of time immortal.

Speaking of taste, I can only savour wetness on my tongue and it is far from pleasant. Hot, thick and unrelenting, I could whine for wine but this is a bitter claret and not one for this sensitive palate at all. I try to force it back but I am powerless to resist its unsettling warmth.

You always loved that music box, perhaps more so than me but then we both know that aural delights are what brought us together in the first place. The irony is not lost on me, as I gaze at the broken pieces that lay around me.

I hope that your new one gives you as much pleasure in the few hours that you have left. Did I mention about the poison you just imbibed in your drink? I’m sorry but I figured something was amiss and it always pays to think ahead, I just wish that I’d had the foresight to wear a helmet.

We’ve reached the crescendo now, everything is going grey and sombre, quietly fading out, I guess you could say they are playing our song and now they are playing for keepssss…………

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7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Fiddling While Rome Burns To A Different Tune”

    • Thanks Art 🙂 I’ve had comments on other platforms where people haven’t grasped what is going on fully but it’s meant to be a mystery and you don’t know if either the protagonist or his spouse deserved it! I knew if anyone would get it, it would be people like you who love a good mystery.

  1. There are some seriously dark thoughts swirling in my brain — or perhaps circling the rhythmic cycle of a music box. I would say more, but I’m too busy enjoying the suggestiveness and possibilities available here.

    There are some terrifically powerful and suggestive lines here.

    • Thank you again so much Patricia for your wonderful comments. I did enjoy creating a bit of mystery with this one and I’m glad to see that with you it has paid off and this makes me well chuffed 🙂

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