Flash Fiction / Short Story – “A Ghost Of A Chance”

Hello everyone.

I have another Flash Fiction story for you all, stuffed to the gills with humor, mystery and intrigue.

Hope you like it and feel free to drop me a comment – I’ll be happy to tell you your fortune for free 🙂


“A Ghost Of A Chance” by David Ellis

“Don’t sit there!”

The old crone gazes at me with her one glass eyeball bulging as if it is going to burst out of its errant socket and shatter like a Christmas bauble. Her stubbly, raspy chin threatens to set fire to the well-worn rug at her feet, as she strokes her bony finger across it absent-mindedly.

I sip my lukewarm tea and cannot help but wince – these herbs have long gone off and I’m lamenting even coming here in the first place.

A friend had told me she was always right on the money and he had won the lottery last week right after seeing her. A pity he got struck by lightning three days later. Act of God they said but in my mind I thought “Easy come, easy go.”

What was I hoping to get from this meeting though?

I’ve been unlucky in love all of my life and the thought of online dating brings me out in hives – I never know what to say or what to do, I’ve been winked out of existence but no-one has bothered to take it any further than that.

I carefully acknowledge the wizened old hag intently as she speaks in an eerily dull, monotonic voice.

“‘E shall be ‘ere soon, see deary? And when ‘e comes we shall know everything there is to know about your life and your problems and we will solve them we shall, together! Bwahahahahahahaha!”

She’s obviously a loon. I sincerely hope it is not because she drinks too much of this foul brew that she doles out to her customers. She probably doesn’t get much in the way of repeat business.

The hairs on the nape of my neck prickle in anticipation. Who is this character she is referring to, is it a ghost, a ghoulish, ghastly apparition? There has been no sign of another human being for several minutes now and all I can think about is her introducing me to her Ouija board as a faint dampness permeates in the air.

“Come forth stranger, shower us with your knowledge and wisdom of the ages!”

I stare at her quizzically for another couple of minutes. Then wham! I’m struck full in the chest, what on earth is going on? There is dampness in the air and it is electrifying. Right up until a furry tail hits me square in the face.

I mutter in disgust, heading rapidly out of the tent and immediately boot up my laptop in my motor outside whilst mopping my face.

At least if I go back online again now, I will have the ghost of a chance of finding somebody. Even if it is only a new pet.

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