Poem / Poetry – “This Story Starts Today”

A new philosophical poem for you, which I hope inspires you greatly, just as others constantly inspire me.

“This Story Starts Today” by David Ellis

The fire in my heart does rage
A new page of this story starts today
For all these years, I’ve been afraid
Now I can look destiny in the eye once again

The past may have been a trecherous road
Full of heartache and creepy shadows
It’s finally time to swallow it all
Fear and hate no longer taking their toll

Live and learn the same lesson
Or flow with change in other directions
Nothing to slow you down or to hold you back
Drawing energy from people and surroundings from the fat of the land

Fill yourself up on Euphorian kisses
Embracing the raw power that love brings
For each day brings countless new opportunities
Each negative leads to many positives

Ride and tame a flexible mantra
Flow like the gorgeous green and blue hues of the ocean
Continue to put out good things in determined, perpetual waves
Kindness, generosity and undying love

Watch it all come surging back to you threefold
These are the stories that never get old
This is why storytellers are both made and conceived
This is why you never give up, if you want to fulfil your dreams


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