Argyllshire Gathering and Yes Scotland campaign for independence

A very thought provoking and heartfelt poem combining the Oban Games and the Yes Scotland campaign.


I am not a political person and have no educated opinion on whether or not Scotland should vote to become independent from England on September 18th, 2014. But, the contrast of the peaceful politics of this vote in 2014 with William Wallace’s loss at Stirling Bridge in 1297 and the battle of Culloden which ended the Jacobite rising in 1746, moved me to write this poem.  I am proud of the United Kingdom, of England and Scotland for showing the world and humankind a better way, a peaceful way without more war.
argyllshire gathering
Argyllshire gathering and yes Scotland campaign
Argyllshire Gathering
and Yes Scotland campaign for independence

Cabers, stones, and hammers
tossed by kilted burly men.

Runners scramble to be the first
to overtake the hill and return.

Bagpipers pipe for judges,
tartaned men and women alike
squeeze out the haunting musical wails.

Tents flying clan crest flags
sell history to visiting distant blood.

Hundreds of ordinary…

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