Poem / Poetry – “Full To The Gills”

Hello you lucky readers of this wonderous realm.

You’ve won a prize tonight (and you didn’t even have to use that machine with the claw, thank goodness, evil spawn of satan things that they are).

Yes, we have another poetic concoction of madness that I’ve drummed up so soon after last night’s tour de force, this time using the prompt of information overload, kindly supplied by our lords and masters, the WordPress crew.

Bless their little cotton socks.

Enjoy the poem and comments are very welcome indeed.

Information Overload by Jorge Franganillo- Wikimedia Commons

“Full To The Gills” by David Ellis

Too much to process
It’s not all sinking in
I’m getting the feeling
That important items are being
Pushed out of my brain again

Information is attacking me
A series of constant streams
FaceBook, Twitter, newspapers
Television, radio, YouTube
Friends conversations and magazines

Where can I find solace?
I could curl up in a warm bed
To stop the constant ringing
The banging and clanging soup kitchen
Clamouring for attention inside my head

Overstimulated late at night
Little time to sleep before light but TV cries out
The news anchor earnestly describes a murder
It haunts my tortured dreams in vivid colour
Makes me wonder why I bother watching news any more

The sun flares up through my window
Scorching itself right up into my grill
I growl “Thrill me, day!”
No doubt, it will fail to do so
However, first I must process all my work e-mails
And abstract Picassoesque thoughts from the night before

Engrossed in my own little world, I stumble outside
To the impatiently awaiting bus up the road
Only to realise to my abject horror
I’ve forgotten to put on underwear
As the laughter on the bus turns to tears
I run away screaming, cursing life’s twists and turns
No more multi-tasking before breakfast
I’m switching off the phone
Good riddance to communication overload
Alright, maybe just ten more posts while I eat toast
If I forget pants again tomorrow, I can always go commando

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    • You’re welcome Deborah. Glad to be given the opportunity to be able to promote your work through your own and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post/comment, it is very much appreciated. Have a great weekend.

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