Poem / Poetry – “When The Tornado Strikes”

Hello, hello, let’s go go go folks!

Here’s my entry for NaPoWriMo Day 3.

The official prompt can be found here:-

NaPoWriMo – Day 3

This time round I am having a go at writing a “fourteener”, which may sound like a precocious teenager or a dodgy type of paper based currency banknote but it is in fact a poetic term which relates to writing fourteen syllables per line. So if I think about it in terms of haikus, I should be able to make it out of here in one piece!

Hope you are enjoying the show and feel free to leave a comment below.


“When The Tornado Strikes” by David Ellis

Today is the right day to put everything on the line
Ignore heartache and fear, letting confidence be your guide
All of those risks that you failed to take yesterday morning
Now is the chance to roll the dice, throw caution to the wind

Indecisiveness creates stagnation of your progress
Procrastination only protects you from perceived loss
Heroes are the ones to make sacrifices in their lives
Ensuring wonder, adventure, spontaneous delight

Start a new business or leave home, take the bull by the horns
There are always paths through, no matter how formidable
Break boundaries of society’s own anxieties
Have courage in all your own ideas and abilities

Losing is acceptable if you learn from your mistakes
Never give up on your dreams or face being lost at sea
Be willing to drop everything in a heartbeat for love
When the tornado strikes look it straight in the eye each time
Own the space, don’t be swayed by negative opinion

The difference between success and failure is small
Lives only improve when we decide to make the first move
Death is not the greatest concern here in this random game
What distinguishes us from all the rest is uniqueness
Embrace the present moment and shape it to stay alive

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11 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “When The Tornado Strikes”

    • Heh heh lol Veronica – what a funny coincidence. You are welcome for the link up, it is fun to have all of these poems on my blog and to share the talent of others 🙂 Glad you are enjoying my sage advice on life, I can’t help but write about these things to help inspire as many as I can

  1. Thanks for the ping back -always an honour. And congrats – that’s a belter. I totally agree with the sentiments – have told people this many a time – if only I could follow my own advice 😉

    • I triple checked my count but your trust is all I can ask for. And a burrito. Your trust and a burrito is all I ask for. And a donut. OK, your trust, a burrito and a donut. And a puppy. Your trust, donut, puppy and a burr….sunglasses! Ok donut, puppy, sunglasses, trust and…a tall frosty beverage. Just…give me the dang trust and I will get all of this other stuff later. Cheers!

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