New Book Release – Order From Chaos Level One – An Epic Crossover Collaborative Novel From Authors Aminah Iman, Omega & Jaqueline Stone (Supernatural/Thriller/Horror)

Hey there everyone.

Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend and are going to curl up by somewhere warm with some nice shiny new books in your hands.

Off the back of Halloween and October Horror Fest, I have some news of an amazing crossover novel that I wanted to share with you all.

I have been lucky enough to have been provided with the first six chapters of an epic new collaborative crossover novel that features ten (10!) different novel crossovers in one volume by the very talented authors over at Red Ink Publications, who have been interviewed here in the past.

Here is the cover and blurb to the book below, which is a horror/thriller/supernatural combination.

OrderFrom ChaosLevel1CoverFinal (1)


Book blurb:-

Mary Magdalene and Peter, apostles of Christ created The Order to hunt down Jesus’ real killer. Judas Iscariot. When the betrayer seeks redemption 2018 years later he rejoins the alliance of Mary, who still rules The Order. Micah, her second in command is assigned leader of a team called ‘The New Order’ comprised of members such as Liam (from novel Hit List by Omega) who is a pyrokinetic (fire manifestation and manipulation), Sari (from series The Chronicles of Sari by Aminah Iman) an Indianapolis huntress who defends her city from monsters, reapers and were’s. Gabriel and Alaric (Gabriel from series Fallen by Jaqueline Stone and Alaric from series The Delacrux Saga by Nefertiti and Aminah Iman) two New Orleans natives, Gabriel, a 19-year-old half angel half demon and Alaric an alpha wolf of the New Orleans state pack. There is also Erin (from novel Catch Me by Aminah Iman).

A cryokinetic assassin (ice manifestation and manipulation). And finally, Acaleus who is a spartan warrior from the year 49AD with the ability to control one’s thoughts emotions and actions.

And only when the world is in peril can we call on The New Order. Well, in this case, heaven. Cain (from series The Vamperial by Aminah Iman), the oldest son of Adam and Eve still walks the earth and as punishment for killing his brother, Cain can never enter heaven. When he plots his seeds into three powerful witches (Melina, Alessandra, and Calla from series The Unusuals by Omega), he produces heirs for one purpose. To break into the seven levels of heaven and claim what was taken from him.

Red Ink Combo Banner

If that hasn’t whet your appetite enough to find out more about this book then here is a link to the first six chapters of the novel for you to enjoy as well.

Order from Chaos Level One – read the first six chapters here

Finally, here are my previous Author Interviews with the ladies of Red Ink Publications along with their bios, so you can find out about all of their other fantastic books and other creative endeavours.

Red Ink Publications

Red Ink Publications is the home of horror. With Award Winning author, Aminah Iman. as CEO and expert graphic designer Omega as co-founder this company can’t help but to rise. This duo along with up and comers Jaqueline Stone and Nefertiti has made Red Ink Publications the perfect platform for all books supernatural. The company was founded in 2015 and plans on making decades worth of books that leave you terrified, shocked and entertained. Why? Because well…it’s to die for.

Aminah Iman – CEO/Author/Lead Editor/Creative Director

Aminah Iman

You can find out more about Aminah in a separate interview that I did with her:-

Author Interview – Aminah Iman – The Vamperial Series, The 30 Pieces of Silver Series, Were: Chronicles of Sari X and Black Magick – The 3 Trilogy

Jaqueline Stone – Author/Creative Director

Jaqueline Stone

You can find out more about Jaqueline in a separate interview that I did with her:-

Author Interview – Jaqueline Stone – “Hades – Rise of The Gods series” and “Fallen” (Horror/Mythology/Fantasy)

Omega – Co-founder/Lead Graphic Designer/ Lead Publicist/Creative Director/Author


Omega originally started out as a graphic designer, her first noticeable work being the ‘Awakening’ book cover for The Delacrux Saga. That lead to her then becoming Aminah Iman’s assistant and her Graphic Designer in the same year. In the middle of 2015 she and her boss created what we all know to be Red Ink Publications.Since then she has done Graphics, promoted her fellow publication mates and is apart of the Creative Directors department. She is known as the mischievous one of the group and out of, them all the most playful. In her free time she tends to practice perfecting her graphic designing to help make Red Ink Publications rise.

Nefertiti  – Author/Creative Director


Nefertiti is a Y.A. author under Red Ink Publications. She became interested in  writing at the age of 11 & has since become a published author, releasing her 1st book, Awakening:The Delacrux Saga in 2014. Her second book, The Curse, was released in 2015 and she has two books scheduled to be released in 2016. Nefertiti is an avid reader and strongly believes books are food for the soul. Her genre of choice, in writing, is Supernatural fiction. However, as far as reading, Nefertiti is not bias, she hasn’t met a book she didn’t like. In her Red Ink family, Nefertiti is the sweet one with a heart of gold, nick-naming her Princess.


Happy reading as always, friends!





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