Author Interview – Angel Ramon – The Thousand Years War Series and Angel’s Nightmare Adventure

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To all my American friends and those who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you are all still enjoying your holidays, feasting and partying and to the rest of you, the weekend once again starts here!

To round off the week, I would like to introduce you all to author Angel Ramon Medina, who has kindly agreed to chat to us about his Sci-Fi/Fantasy/post-apocalyptic books and share his writing inspirations with us.

Enjoy the show and keep smiling folks – here we go.


Hi there Angel, thank you for taking the time to be with us to discuss your books and give us your own writing advice.

Let’s start with your latest novel in your The Thousand Years War series (Revenge of the Gloobas – Third Book in the series), which will be released in mid-December of this year. This series is Sci-Fiction/Fantasy, post-apocalyptic and involves alien encounters. Please tell us more about your series and how it has evolved over the course of three books, what the goals and motivations are of the lead characters and what challenges they are facing in a world where resources are scarce and danger lurks around every corner?

The Thousand Years War Series is basically an Epic saga, which revolves around four regular people who couldn’t be anymore different. These four know little to nothing about each other and somehow they get caught in a huge mess, which they are accused of trying to start a New World Order. They are accused with creating a virtual world that replicates Earth and anything that happens in the virtual world gets transferred to the corporeal world. To make matters worse nobody knows why this is happening.

The first book basically introduces the reader to the four heroes who are Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis. The four are just trying to live their normal lives, but find out that they are the chosen ones who must save Earth by finding an anti-matter ball and inserting the ball into an anti-matter machine. This is the only way they can reverse whatever effects that occur in the virtual world, to raise the stakes they only have 10 days before the effects become permanent forever. This book shows the motivation of each character. For Angel, it is avenging the death of his father. For Maria, it is to find out what true love is like. For Dayvon, it is to find out how to get along with others better. Finally for Luis, it is simply to do the right thing for Earth.

In the second book: Framed, the spotlight becomes more personalized and consolidated towards Angel. He is targeted in the latest threat, which has him facing an accusation of killing a respected police commissioner. Later he finds out that he’s been framed for a murder that he did not commit, but the conspiracy plot is much deeper when illegal plutonium distribution and dirty politics threaten the lifestyle of NYC. To make matters worse, everything is being done in the virtual world. Angel’s life is revealed to a more personal level and he finds out not everyone in his family is loyal to him.

In the latest novel: Revenge of the Gloobas, the story goes back to the formula of the first book where it’s another Epic odyssey-like adventure. In this book the four need to stop the Gloobas from using the virtual world to align the planets in a perfect line in order to shoot their death ray using the power of the sun onto Earth. In this story the personal vendettas between the four and their enemies begin to increase in intensity and battles are fought at much more personal level. At this point it’s assumed that the reader has created a bond with the characters, both protagonists and antagonists. The goal for our heroes in Revenge of the Gloobas is to take out the aliens once and for all!

The series from that point onwards could either stop or continue going with an entirely new plot. Stay Tuned!


You have also written a zombie survival horror novella called “Angel’s Nightmare Adventure”. Give us the low down on this particular tale and what kind of nightmarish ride we will be letting ourselves in for in your own unique spin on the undead monster genre.

Well, this is actually a separate series that I was working on for a short story contest. I nearly won the contest, got to the short list falling just short of winning. Instead of burying my sorrows and dwelling in defeat, I decided to make a series out of it. Basically a corporation called Hybrid is trying to make a cure for cancer, but instead cause a zombie outbreak! Trust me! Zombies are only the beginning, I can promise that.

The story consists of two people who only know each other as acquaintances during dental appointments who deal with the same outbreak in two distinct stories. Angel is a 17 year old kid about to enter senior year of High School ready to get reconstructive jaw surgery. Luis on the other hand is 25 and starting his first day as a New York Police Officer. Two men living their lives innocently are about to experience the possibility of being the only two survivors in all of NYC.

If any of your novels were to be made into films (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles?

Honestly the names of the heroes are that of real people, so I would like to cast ourselves in the movies or TV series. In my honest opinion, I think my book might actually make a good videogame as well. In that case, I would like for the voice of the anti-hero Caleb to be played by Stephen Weyte, a popular videogame voice actor.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

The hardest thing in my opinion would have to be character development, as this is a very important aspect of any book. Ironically is also one of my favourite things about writing. That’s because I can control the emotion, actions, reactions and personality.

The easiest thing would be the world building, since I can come up with plenty of environments for the story to take place at. This is my favourite aspect to write about.


Who are some of the authors and historical figures that inspire you?

Some authors that inspire me include William Shakespeare, R.L. Stine and Ian Fleming.

Some historical figures that inspire me are William Wallace and Attila the Hun.

What sort of research did you do to write your books?

I did some historical research such as researching the dark ages to begin my first book and looking up historical figures such as Attila the Hun. I also researched Texas in 1888, as that is one of my settings in my series.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I write because it’s something that I’ve done with enjoyment since Junior High School. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of creating my own stories, my own worlds and watching my dream world come together.

As for what inspired me to write, it’s my upbringing. I was raised as a lonely child, so I got everything I wanted and that included videogames. Which ones did I play you ask? Science Fiction and Horror, what else? Also, I would ready many Sci-Fi books, although I was too young to remember them, but I said to myself, “Why I can’t be like that? Why can’t I be an author?” From that question on, it’s all a matter of history.


What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I like to take long walks and jot down notes on my observations. I read other people’s works and find some inspiration within the book without ripping off the idea of the author. Honestly since this is an idea I had locked away for over 10+ years, I rarely suffer from writer’s block. However, when I do suffer I take a day off or two to recharge. There’s no need to overwork myself when I know the chapter isn’t going to come out well if I am being fatigued.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to publish your first book before High School! Don’t wait until you had an eight year relationship, move to Puerto Rico and go through hard times. However, I would also say that things happen for a reason.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Reading other people’s works or reading my masterpieces in paperback. If I’m not reading you can find me travelling all over Puerto Rico! My favourite place is the beach to get a nice tan!


Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

I’m actually in the crossroads now that my third major novel is done. I have three projects in mind. One would be my father’s memoir, where I would be the ghost-writer. Second would be to continue The Thousand Years War Series. Finally there is an “Easter Eggs” book where secrets of the first book are revealed, such as alternative endings and full character bios. Honestly at this point of the year, the second option is the least likely and the first option is the most likely with the second somewhere in the middle. I might just divide time between the memoir and the unabridged version of the first book.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Yes, I do have advice. Write because you love to do it. While money is good, that comes second. Make sure you’re writing a book on something that you’ll enjoy writing. Finally edit once, edit twice, edit three times or as much as you can. In other words never and I mean NEVER hand in a first draft as a manuscript, it can always be improved.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for spending time with us today Angel and look forward to being thrilled when exploring more of your books 🙂

Bio:- (In Angel’s own words)


If you were looking for a sci-fi writer who is starting out and one that has a lot of heart in what he does, you’re in luck. Bear with me and you might find yourself reading one of my novels, which I promise to be fun in their own individual way. The Thousand Years War series is an idea which is a bit complex, one that I have had since middle school. I try to stay out of reality and write books that will entertain people and take them on epic journeys to give people a bit of a reprieve from their rough daily routine. I see writing as an art, and if you give me a chance, I’ll break the stereotype that reading is boring. I feel privileged to have this talent of being able to create something out of nothing and am sharing it with everyone. So whether you like to read or are an author like me, don’t be afraid to approach me – authors needing advice, or wanting to give me advice, you are welcomed! I’m a person who loves to create, not watch. I love to create worlds and characters. I look forward to connecting with many of you avid sci-fi readers and writers alike! For the curious, I’m a humble man who lives in Puerto Rico. I also love baseball and to travel around the island of Puerto Rico.

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