Author Interview with Red Ink Publications – “Order from Chaos” – A Collaborative Novel featuring Aminah Iman, Omega, Jaqueline Stone and Nefertiti (Supernatural/Horror)

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Say hello to another unique interview for the Author Interview Series to share with you all, this time it with the lovely talented ladies over at Red Ink Publications, as we delve into their crossover collaboration novel “Order from Chaos”.

Let’s dive right in and see what they have to say, it will be entertaining to say the least 🙂


Hi there, a very warm welcome to the ladies of Red Ink Publications, as we discuss their latest horror fantasy thriller collaborative crossover novel in more intricate detail, along with getting to know them all a little better too.

Aminah – Thanks for having us back David. It is always a pleasure to talk to you about our upcoming projects!

Omega – Hi David, it’s amazing being able to speak with you!

Jaqueline – Always a pleasure to be back in good company. Thank you so much for having us!

Let’s start with the novel itself, which is called “Order from Chaos”, which is a fantastic title and makes me think about all of your different amazing worlds colliding into each other to shape this epic tale. Can you tell us more about the nature of the crossover, giving us a summary of the background behind each character/series that you are crossing over into this particular novel and ultimately what premise/events that have caused the crossover to take place in the first place!

Aminah – Absolutely, here’s a summary of the book:-

The Order is an organization comprised of spiritually gifted men and woman that have been charged to cleanse the world of unholy abominations. They were brought together by Mary Magdalen and Peter after the death of Christ. Over the years, the Order has eliminated many evil threats determined to bring evil into and/or end the world. Their biggest threat to date is Chaos.

Chaos is a group of evil beings that has set their sights on The Order. Lead by the children of The Vamperial, Chaos is dead set on getting revenge on The Order for killing Nefertiti, one of the original members of The Vamperial, in an apocalyptic battle.
In order to end Chaos once and for all, The Order has recruited the help of Liam, a genetically altered pyrokinetic, Sari, a hunter that has more kills under her belt than any hunter in the world, Alaric, an Alpha werewolf from New Orleans, Gabriel, a Nephilim who is also the son of the archangel Michael, Acaleus, an immortal with the power of mental manipulation, and Erin, a cryokinetic assassin.

Will The Order finally remove Chaos from the world or will Chaos take over?

What we did David, was take our greatest heroes and our worst villains and put them up against each other. We have Micha, from Revelation/Apocalypse, who is the leader in this group. Micha has telekinetic abilities and he has the ability to get inside your head and make you see, hear, feel, whatever he wishes. We also have Sari from The Chronicles of Sari, who is a hunter. She kills the un-killable supernatural being. And lastly, as far as my characters go, you have Erin, who is a cryokinetic assassin.

Jaqueline – We also have Gabriel and Saveus from Fallen, and Fallen the Awakening. Gabriel is a Nephilim, of the group. He has the demonic energy from the demon of greed, and the grace of the archangel Michael. Gabriel and the demon of greed still share a life bond, which makes it hard for him to control his dark powers. Hopefully he can get himself together before The Vamperial attacks!

Order From Chaos

Can you describe the collaborative process working with each other? Is this the first time some/all of you have collaborated together on an individual story?

Aminah – This is the first time we have all worked on one story together. Neffi and I did it with Awakening, which was amazing, but never all four of us and never with eight different series. I for one thought it would be hard. We all have different writing styles and different signatures in writing, but it turned out Epic. We all re-read the books in each series and worked hard to stay true to the characters, ours and each others. I’m not saying it was easy, but it was worth it.

Omega – I don’t think there are words to describe the process of writing this book. With AD: After Death, it was a compilation of books that kind of went through the same vein but with this we really went in for the kill of writing chapter by chapter with everyone in mind. The love and respect myself and these ladies have for each other is shown by the devotion we’ve put in to making our characters shine. I’m so happy this is the first collab I’ve done with any other author, it’s made an amazing impression.

Jaqueline – This is my first collaboration and I am so happy that it is with my queens of horror. We flow so effortlessly. Which makes it easy for me to get inside the heads of their characters because I know how each of them think. Not in a sick mind control kind of way but more of a “How would Omega kill off this person?” lol. I guess it shows how close we all are. I like writing alone, but with a team there’s less room for error, and the work is divided. And when I get stuck in sticky tar of writers’ block, I can always count on my ladies to pull me out

How did you plan out the nature of your characters crossing over from different worlds and set about contributing them into the melting pot of the novel as a whole? Did you start with one character story as a base and then introduce the others separately with writing contributions from the other authors or did you all take turns in writing the story?

Aminah – That is exactly what we did. We started from The Orders stand point after the Apocalypse book. We used Amid, from 30 Pieces of Silver and The Vamperial series to get everyone together.

Omega – Yeah, Aminah kind of hit it on the head. It’s origin roots from the rivalry of The Order and The Vamperial, adding in a touch of the wrong doings of the UGF from my book ‘Hit List’ and it’s made for a very chaotic plot. As far as the characters that are involved, our heavy hitters, fan favourites. Red Ink is known by some of these characters, so it would be foolish not to have them collide and meet.

Jaqueline – Right! We had our characters piggy back off the conflict from Apocalypse. In Apocalypse both the Order and the Vamperial suffered a loss and reached out for backup. That is where the universal hero vs villain crossover come into play.


What would you all choose as your own individual personal mascots or spirit animals, when it comes to your styles of writing?

Aminah – I love this question! I would choose a wolf. I don’t mind being alone, but when I find my “pack” I am happiest. That’s how it was for me finding my Red Ink ladies and how we work so well together. I can write a killer book on my own, but it’s twice as deadly with my pack.

Omega – Oh hands down I’m a Unicorn. Haha, I feel like so many people saw the little training I had in my field or my age and automatically ruled me out and didn’t believe I could do what I promised I could do until they actually saw it. I’m a little less majestic, though.

Jaqueline – I would describe myself and writing itself as other worldly lol! I like to think in “ what ifs” and infinite possibilities. But I’m also very protective and savage when it comes to defending open mindedness and the ladies of Red Ink. So my spirit animal would have to be a lioness. They’re fierce, determined, yet nurturing just like me and my writing.

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing styles? Do you all have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

Aminah – I am an aggressive writer! I want to get it all out while it’s in my head. As far as quirks…Let’s see…I have a playlist for each book I’ve written, provided by Omega!

Omega – Characteristics? Gah..I don’t know. I think if you see a serial killer on the roster of upcoming books you’ll be right to guess the books mine. What I find hilarious is in contrast, I can’t watch scary movies. Yet I write about some of the darkest genres. But as far as a quirk, or maybe even a fact, writing in the day time is a no go. Not for long spans of time. I might get a page or 100 words that’s as far as the sun will allow me. When the moons out, my characters just vent.

Jaqueline – I’m insane, for a lack of a better word. I’m drawn to the darker side of the truth, I like to expose or add to it while putting my own spin on it. I would characterize my writing as unhinged, topped with a funny sense of humour, and a sprinkle of sarcasm. As far as quirks, I too have playlist that I jam out to. I also have to sit on the floor or keep legs crossed when I write. I don’t know why, it’s just how the cookie crumbles.


If this novel was to be made into a film (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles? (I would be interested to hear if you all have similar or different opinions as to who would play the lead roles 😊)

Aminah – I have no idea, hahaha!

Omega – I love this question haha. I can definitely see Order from Chaos as a movie. An action-packed thriller and as far as the cast…Liam would definitely be Sam Claflin with brown hair. Which is weird because I wrote as a blonde but seeing Sam with a dark mane is Liam to a T. For Sari, I see Aiyana Lewis who is an extremely gorgeous model. Acaleus is Christopher Mason, another extremely gorgeous model haha and Alaric would have to Kellan Lutz. Erin would have to be Zhenya Katava, again a model. I have no idea who Gabriel would be, I’ll give Jac free reign on that one haha.

Jaqueline – I would like for Order From Chaos to be made into a bad ass anime, with the artwork similar to Attack on Titan or Castlevania on Netflix. Only because our characters are described very thoroughly throughout our novels. And I feel like animation would be the best to accurately portray them.

What do you all find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you all find the easiest?

Aminah – For me, the hardest part is stopping. I always want to go back and add more scenes. The easiest is research, I am a research fiend!

Omega – The hardest part about writing for me is getting out of character. I think when writing, it’s an extension of yourself. You get winded when writing for a long period of time, you get invested. For me it’s not allowing the character to take so much of my energy and knowing when I’m writing or when I close my computer lid and step away. The easiest though, is transporting. I can be so deep in the story that I’m actually there in my mind watching it take place so it makes for good detail.

Jaqueline – Action scenes are headache for me to write. It’s always difficult for me to describe fight scenes, I get so anxious! But it’s easy for me to write dialogue, especially comedic and sarcastic conversations.


Who are some of the authors, poets and/or historical figures that inspire all of you?

Aminah – This has always been a hard question for me because there are quite a few but…My team inspires me daily, they truly do. I adore Anne Rice and her writing style, the way she develops her characters. I love Emily Brute, the courage she had in that time period. I also have a tremendous admiration for Toni Morrison. Anyone that knows me, know I absolutely love Leonardo da Vinci and King Solomon.

Omega – Every single last book written under Red Ink Pub. I’ve read and fallen for. That being said, our authors who are phenomenal are my favourite. I am also a James Patterson fan, Iris Johansen, S.E Hinton and Jeanne DuPrau they’re all amazing authors. The historical figure I admire would have to be Michaelangelo for his genius.

Jaqueline – Aminah already knows what I’m going to say. She knows she’s my favourite author and I’m proud to admit it. But growing up I did read a lot of Carylon Mackler, but my gate way to horror was the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark “, series by Alvin Schwartz.

What sort of research do you all do to write your books?

Aminah – I will do a ridiculous amount of research for a book, mainly because I love it so much. I sometimes go overboard per Omega.

Omega – I do a weird version of research. I do my extensive research on the topic at hand, but I really allow the character to give me information as well. There are things I’ve written in books like ‘Yours Truly’ that I never knew about the character until I sat in front of a computer and let them speak.

Jaqueline – Thanks to Aminah, I now have a new-found love for research. But when it comes to writing I mostly research mythology, science, and conspiracies (for lack of better word). For example, while writing Hades, I had to research the deadly poisons used in lethal injection. That was fun!


Why do you all write? What inspired you all to become writers?

Aminah – I write because I love to read, it’s kind of that simple. I was inspired at a young age by the stories I would make up in my head to tell my siblings… Even back then, they were scary.

Omega – I write…geesh…because I’d have these book ideas and Aminah wouldn’t let me pawn them on her. As much as I’d like to be kidding, that’s how I became an author. But these ideas, they grow like wildfire when they sprout in my head and I feel something for all of my books and that emotion drives me to write. Indefinitely.

Jaqueline – I write to express my ideas, anxiety, joy, and everything in-between. I write because I like being the creator of my own world. I like expressing my thoughts without boundaries, they always say to watch what you say but they never said anything about writing!

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you all deal with Writers Block?

Aminah – Honestly, Omega keeps me motivated. There is nothing like your co-founder asking if you are finished yet. I don’t really have writers block, when my characters stop talking, I stop writing.

Omega – Aminah or Jaq are really really good at giving me the swiftest kick. Jaqueline Stone is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met, Aminah Iman the most inspirational. There’s no way you can’t get inspired with both on either one of your shoulders.

Jaqueline – Teamwork really does make the dream work. Anytime I have writers block, I can always bounce ideas off my ladies and from there, we develop innovative ideas, concepts, and new projects. As far as creative slumps, I’m always bouncing from project to project. So when I get bored or need a break, I just switch my focus and work on something else.


You have access to a time machine. What advice would you all give to your younger selves?

Aminah – I would tell my younger self to start writing sooner and to always follow your passion.

Omega – Uhm…I’d tell myself to have patience. At such a young age I wanted to be taken seriously. I’m talking 12 or 11 trying to convince adults about a business plan. Obviously, you see the small flaw in that scenario. So be still and have patience, 11-year-old Omega.

Jaqueline – I would tell my younger self not to be afraid to be yourself. You are loved and supported and there is nothing in this world that you can’t do. Ignore the haters around you and focus on your gift and positivity.

How do you all spend your free time when you are not writing?

Aminah – We spend a lot of our free time together, believe it or not. We cook, hang out, just have a good time.

Omega – Well I’m a full-time college student so free time doesn’t exist haha. But my niece and nephew take up a lot of time when I’m able to see and play with them.

Jaqueline – If I’m not writing, you can catch me cooking and hanging out with the ladies of Red Ink. Even then, we can’t help but discuss books, research, and character ideas. We are truly some workaholics.


Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

Aminah – I actually have an announcement. I haven’t revealed this to any other outlet David…My next book will be the third and finally installment in the 30 Pieces of Silver series. It will be released around Easter of 2018.

Omega – Excuse me while I pick my jaw up, REDEMPTION 2018. Sorry, sorry. I’m composed. But I’m excited to say next year I’m adding to Liam’s story since his debut in ‘Hit List’ and his part played in Order from Chaos. He’s kind of seeking revenge on the people who wiped his memory and ruined his life, his family. He is seeking retribution so I found it fitting to call it ‘Hit List: Retribution’ and it’s coming March 2018.

Jaqueline – I’ll be taking a break from writing full novels, instead I will be vlogging book reviews and recommendations. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing. I have a series of short stories I’m working on. I’m so excited for you to read them. And if you have any poems/novels you would like reviewed, please send them my way!

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that any of you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Aminah – Never give up and write for yourself first and foremost, everything else will fall into place.

Omega – Definitely, that the work, the effort, the, pain, even is worth it. The work that you’re putting into whatever you are passionate about, whatever you love is what’s moulding you. So, don’t give up on it.

Jaqueline – Be yourself, love yourself, and write for yourself!

And that’s a wrap! A sincere pleasure to have you all over here, thank you for your enthusiasm and your creative passion for your books and characters 🙂

Aminah – Thank you so much David!

Omega – I had so much fun, that’s again!


Red Ink Publications

Red Ink Publications is the home of horror. With Award Winning author, Aminah Iman. as CEO and expert graphic designer Omega as co-founder this company can’t help but to rise. This duo along with up and comers Jaqueline Stone and Nefertiti has made Red Ink Publications the perfect platform for all books supernatural. The company was founded in 2015 and plans on making decades worth of books that leave you terrified, shocked and entertained. Why? Because well…it’s to die for.

Aminah Iman – CEO/Author/Lead Editor/Creative Director

Aminah Iman

You can find out more about Aminah in a separate interview that I did with her:-

Author Interview – Aminah Iman – The Vamperial Series, The 30 Pieces of Silver Series, Were: Chronicles of Sari X and Black Magick – The 3 Trilogy

Jaqueline Stone – Author/Creative Director

Jaqueline Stone

You can find out more about Jaqueline in a separate interview that I did with her:-

Author Interview – Jaqueline Stone – “Hades – Rise of The Gods series” and “Fallen” (Horror/Mythology/Fantasy)

Omega – Co-founder/Lead Graphic Designer/ Lead Publicist/Creative Director/Author


Omega originally started out as a graphic designer, her first noticeable work being the ‘Awakening’ book cover for The Delacrux Saga. That lead to her then becoming Aminah Iman’s assistant and her Graphic Designer in the same year. In the middle of 2015 she and her boss created what we all know to be Red Ink Publications.Since then she has done Graphics, promoted her fellow publication mates and is apart of the Creative Directors department. She is known as the mischievous one of the group and out of, them all the most playful. In her free time she tends to practice perfecting her graphic designing to help make Red Ink Publications rise.

Nefertiti  – Author/Creative Director


Nefertiti is a Y.A. author under Red Ink Publications. She became interested in  writing at the age of 11 & has since become a published author, releasing her 1st book, Awakening:The Delacrux Saga in 2014. Her second book, The Curse, was released in 2015 and she has two books scheduled to be released in 2016. Nefertiti is an avid reader and strongly believes books are food for the soul. Her genre of choice, in writing, is Supernatural fiction. However, as far as reading, Nefertiti is not bias, she hasn’t met a book she didn’t like. In her Red Ink family, Nefertiti is the sweet one with a heart of gold, nick-naming her Princess.



You can connect with Red Ink Publications here:-

Instagram:- @redinkpub (Instagram)
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Twitter:- @RedInkPub (Twitter)
Website:- Red Ink Publications – It’s To Die For.

You can buy “Order from Chaos” here:-

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